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fm100 color test



This is a timer App to assist in running the Farnsworth-Munsell 100 Hue-Color Vision Test. It does NOT perform the actual color test. It is a timer to make running the test easier. It includes four individual timers, one for each color test tray, and a display of the total test time.




GDT is a handbook application is an interactive handbook reference for the ASME Y14.5‐2009 Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing standard. The app is intended as a quick GD&T reference only. It covers only a portion of the standard. This app should not be considered a replacement for the actual standard, nor a replacement for appropriate training in geometric dimensioning and tolerancing.

A video of the old BB10 version of the GD&T app

number cruncher



Number cruncher is a productivity tool to assist  dimensional metrologists and others to quickly perform common calculations, Such as mid-point, Hypotenuse, GD&T True Position and mm/inch conversion. 

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A quick reference to help learning musical notation. It includes these sections:

Key Signatures:
With Learn Mode off pressing a key signature button shows the associated key signature. With lean mode on, you must press the correct Key Signature button after which you will be given a new Key Signature to find.

Sight Reading Practice:
Select the Key Signature you are interested in and then press the correct keyboard key for the displayed note and you will be given a new note to find.

Basic Triad Identification:
Select the Key Signature you are interested in and then press the correct Roman Numeral Triad ID for the given triad and you will be given a new triad to identify.

Ear Note Training:
The app plays a note in the selected key / clef. You try to identify the correct note by tapping the correct key on the keyboard.

Basic Music Notation Symbols:
Select a symbol from the List View and the selected symbol and a short description of the use will be displayed.



ASME Y14.5-2018 Feature Control Frame Generator

This is tool to help you create GD&T feature control frames, surface finish call outs, and welding symbols. For more information on the fonts used in this program, please see the details about the GD&T font here.

Y14.5-GDT (zip)


Atari assembler


Atari Assembler Editor

When I was a kid I enjoyed programming a Atari 800 computer. It was my introduction to computers and computer programming so it still holds a special place i my heart. I wrote this assembler editor so I could poke around with coding using one of the Atari 800 simulator available on line. The zip file includes a sample listing to get you started. All the standard memory label names are included.


AtariAssembler (zip)